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World War II prevented further construction. In the post-war period construction of administrative and apartment buildings began on a large scale. Wide avenues emerged in the city along which, the Firdausi Public Library, the National museum, the National Bank, the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements, the Palace of Culture, movie theatres, Hotel Dushanbe and Hotel Tajikistan, a bus terminal, a railway station, the airport, and multi-storey apartment blocks were built.
At the same time the city became more industrialised. More than 100 industrial enterprises were put into operation in the capital, which produced about 60 types of items including looms, refrigerators, cotton and silk fabrics, hydro-equipment for agricultural machinery, knitwear, apparel, leather goods, and many other goods that were exported to more than 50 countries.
Natural gas supply to Dushanbe began in 1960. Initially natural gas was brought in gas bottles but later the first gas pipeline was built. Dushanbe TV station also started airing programs the same year.
Nowadays, on the relatively small area of 12,000 hectares occupied by Dushanbe, almost 40% of the country's industrial enterprises and more than 600,000 people are concentrated. A city which emerged where a village existed only 80 years ago today meets all the conditions of modern urbanized life.
The central street of the Tajik capital - Rudaki Avenue - was named in honour of the hero of Tajik literature. The avenue stretches 12km north to south from
Varzob Valley down to the railway station. A walk or ride along the avenue will give you the chance to get to know many sights of the capital, its best architectural complexes, administrative, research and cultural instituties, universities, theatres, hotels and restaurants.
There is a Memorial Complex in the central square in honour of the 1,100th anniversary of the Samanid State with a monument to Ismoil Somoni, the founder of the first Tajik state that existed in the 9-1 Oth centuries. In the uplifted right hand of Ismoil Somoni is a regal gold sceptre with an image of the sun with seven stars - a symbol of national unity and revival in Tajikistan. The memorial complex was built in 1999. Large festivities such as military and mass parades are all held here in Dusti (Friendship) Square. Slightly further along the avenue is Central Park, which, with its amusement park, stage and sports grounds, attracts Dushanbe residents during days-off, holidays and in the evenings. There are also restaurants and a cafe in the park.
On the opposite side of the Avenue, directly opposite the park, there is the capital's administration building - the Dushanbe Hukumat (Town Hall). On the northern side of Central Park there is one of largest hotels in the capital - Hotel Tajikistan. The hotel specializes in receiving and servicing foreign guests. There are comfortable rooms with all modern facilities, satellite TV, cell phone and fax communication, e-mail, internet, a business centre, restaurants, bars, a guarded parking lot, and a foreign exchange office for tourists and business people. The hotel conveniently accepts credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and STB card.
There are many large shops on Rudaki Avenue. The Central Department Store (TSUM) is located in the central part. People in the east used to judge towns by their bazaars. A large covered bazaar, Barakat, is located 5 minutes walk from Hotel Tajikistan. The other municipal market - Shohmansur (generally known as the Green Market), is also in the centre of the city, right behind the S. Aini Opera and Ballet Theatre. Sultoni Kabir, Sakhovat and Korvon markets are in the southern part of the city. In all the large municipal bazaars there is a wide range of foodstuffs, manufactured goods, and local crafts.

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