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At the intersection of Rudaki and Ismoil Somoni Avenues is an art shop where you can buy works of art as well as original handicrafts of local craftsmen and artists.
There are several large museums in the city. Several years ago, the National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan was opened, where you can see the famous 13m long clay statue of Buddha in Nirvana
The K. Behzod National Museum (Kamoliddin Be-hzod was a famous 15-16th century miniatures master is right across the street from Hotel Poytakht, not far from the Railway Station. The museum was opened in 1934. The history, archaeology, and fine arts of the Tajik nation as well as its flora and fauna are represented here. There are both permanent and temporary collections and displays. The chiming clock installed on the museum tower counts the "New Time" (the time since Tajikistan's independence).
A significant collection of musical instruments from many countries is presented in the private Gurminj Zavqibekov Musical Instruments Museum, which is of great interest. Sometimes, it is possible to listen to "live" national music performed by the son of the museum's founder or his apprentices.
One of the most remarkable buildings in the city is the Sadriddin Aini State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Aini was the founder of contemporary Tajik literature, a famous writer, and the first President of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan. The theatre was opened in 1940. National operas and ballets are produced on its stage as well as classical repertoire.
The first professional theatre in the country - the A. Lohuti Tajik State Academic Drama Theatre - is a recognized centre for the capital's cultural life. Professional Tajik theatre began in Dushanbe in 1929 as an amateur art activities hobby group. Original and distinctive amateur and folk arts of the Tajik people served as the basis for forming the professional theatre. In their creative work the Tajik artists rely on the traditions of national art and international theatre. There are also theatres for the younger generations in the capital - the children's "Lukhtak" puppet-theatre and the M. Vohidov Youth Theatre.

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