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A Khishtin ("built out of bricks") caravanserai (ancient inn/motel) is one more construction within the complex. At first sight this construction does not stand out as anything particularly interesting. However, it is actually a noteworthy object primarily due to the tremendous amount of hard work that people have put into its restoration. At the beginning, this 17-18th century caravanserai was just incomplete ruins, with foundations and baked-brick walls no more than 1m high. Restorers only had a 1913 photo where the caravanserai was shown in its original image to work from. After detailed study of the photo and other documents describing similar structures, specialists began restoration, the result of which you can now see with your own eyes. Several folk legends told by local residents relate to the Hissar fortress. Rustam and Afrosiyob, the renowned heroes of Firdausi's immortal Shohnoma are reputed to have battled here. According to legend, the Hissar fortress was built by Afrosiyob to protect himself from Rustam.

Hissar fortress gateway

Another legend says that Caliph AN came to this area on his horse Dul-dul to preach Islam and stopped on the mountain which is nowadays called Poi Dul-dul, located to the west of Hissar. He lowered a rope from the mountain to the fortress and, like a tight-rope walking acrobat, slipped into the fortress, but here he was recognized and imprisoned. In order to escape from captivity, Ali summoned his horse which brought him Zulfiqor's sword. With this sword he defeated his enemies, including the wicked magician who controlled the fortress at that time.
To get to the Hissar complex, one can go by public transportation from Dushanbe to Hissar and then further to the fortress either by hitchhiking or on foot. There is a teahouse next to the fortress in the shadow of two large chanor (sycamores) that are 500-700 years old, where one can sit outdoors and try national dishes and quench one's thirst with aromatic green tea.

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