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Varzob Volley2

Varzob Volley

Autumn. Khoja Obigarm

Haramqul, which is at 3,000m above sea level in Upper Maikhura (another Varzob tributary), is considered the cold spot in the Dushanbe area. Water temperatures in the river, even in summer, are rarely above 5�C. This is possibly the place which has the most avalanches per year in the country. Avalanches come in November-April. There are about 2,000mm of precipitation per year here - almost three times as much as in Dushanbe. In winter the snow level can reach 5m - almost as high as a two-storey building.

The other main sight in the Maikhura Valley is the almost 6km long tunnel through the mountains, the construction of which began several years ago. Upon completion it will allow the Dushanbe-Khujand road connecting the central and northern parts of the country to be usable all year round.
After Ziddi village, approximately 74km from Dushanbe, begins the lengthy 20km winding road leading, with immense loops, to the 3,372m Anzob Pass. The Anzob Pass is on a ridge with a small, flat area. The altitude difference between the beginning of the ascent and the pass is more than 1,400m.
Cars driving from Ziddi village to the pass cover the distance in 1 -1.5 hours. An impressive view of the Kuhistan Mountains opens up from the pass. Directly to the north, in the Zarafshon range, you can see the pyramidal Anzob Peak (4,525m) beneath which the Yaghnob River valley can be seen.
To the east, the snowy peaks of Zamin Qaror are seen. A weather-station has been functioning for many years on the pass. It is almost always windy here. However, in the summer, in sunny weather, it is possible to ski. In summer you can see apiaries on the slopes of the pass and buy excellent, aromatic, mountain honey. Due to snowdrifts, the pass is closed for transportation from approximately the second half of November until late May.

Safed-Dara downhill skiing plateau, Takob

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